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What is Forge 54?

A collaborative, weekend-long marketing experience where advertisers, designers, developers, creatives, professionals and students converge to donate their time and talents to create, inspire, and help great causes.

During each high-energy, 54-hour event, our expert creative teams adopt a non-profit organization and work together to totally revamp their marketing and branding efforts.



How It Works

Forge 54 starts with a debriefing at noon on Friday and culminate at 6pm on Sunday, when the creative team presents their project to the client. Initially, the team meets with the key players of the organization to learn about their challenges, goals, history and resources available to make it all happen.

Then, individual Forge 54 team leaders are assigned to specific projects such as: research, planning, branding, design, web, video, radio, and social media. During the next two days, the skillful teams work hard to craft novel marketing and branding content for the non-profit, including logos, slogans, websites, commercials, radio spots, social media campaigns, and more.

While the teams are working, executives and recruiters from local agencies are invited to observe the up-and-coming talent.

At the end of the long weekend, the non-profit organization will not only receive new content, but the research and strategies to back it up, including a plan for the future, tailored to the organization’s current resources.

Why Join Forge 54?

Get Educated

Forge 54 is all about learning through doing. You’ll learn from experienced professionals and be inspired by young, innovative students.

Build Your Network

You’ll meet with peers in your industry, and experts in other specialties that you or your company can potentially partner with. Don’t be surprised if you leave Forge 54 with a job or a new employee.

Learn New Skills

Forge 54 is the perfect place to try out something new or hone your craft while working with others.

Work with Leaders

Local marketing trailblazers participate in Forge 54 as coaches and mentors. This is your chance to get some one-on-one time with the decision-makers of some of the largest local agencies.

Make a Real Difference

All of the marketing and advertising content that’s created during a Forge 54 event is done at no cost to the non-profit and can make a huge impact the very next week.

Join the Community

Forge 54 doesn’t end after the 54 hours. Our community continues to meet with networking events, seminars, parties and more.

Sponsor a Forge 54 Volunteer

Who can you sponsor for our 54-hour marketing bonanza in 2016?

  • For $1000 you can sponsor a whole team of our experts

  • For $100 you can sponsor a volunteer for the weekend

  • For $30 you can sponsor a day of meals for a volunteer