What is this?

Forge54 is an annual skilled giving weekend where we create an entire marketing campaign for one lucky nonprofit. And by “we,” we mean the 100+ creative and strategic-minded professionals who are selected by our board members, based on what we need to do for our client.

How we do it

We form teams by discipline (strategy, design, copywriting, PR, social, video, mobile app and website development, events). Then we all come together for 54 hours, starting at noon on Friday, to produce the work. On Sunday evening, we present everything we’ve created to our grateful (and usually teary-eyed) clients.

Why we do it

Nonprofits typically have very little to spend on marketing. We know this. So we kickstart their marketing efforts in a way they never could with their budget. It’s kind of like winning the lottery for them.
Last year, we delivered over half a million dollars worth of marketing services to Wells of Life. This year, we can’t wait to help Illumination Foundation. They work with Orange County’s most vulnerable homeless families to prevent and break the cycle, and reduce dependence on community resources. They do this through case management, healthcare, job placement and mental health services.
Our marketing efforts will directly impact the number of families Illumination Foundation can reach, and that makes us feel amazing about our choice—and excited to get started.

How you can help

We're going to do a crazy amount of work that weekend, just like always. And we can't do it alone. So please apply today to be a volunteer. We need people with skills in every discipline.
Or sponsor the weekend with a monetary or in-kind donation. Will you please step up to this challenge with us?

The details

  • 2016's Forge54 weekend is October 14 - 16, starting at noon on Friday. If you’re volunteering, make sure you’re available the whole time, all the way through Sunday night, when we present to our clients. Yep, it’s your entire weekend.

  • Amusement Park in Santa Ana is where we’ll be making the magic happen.

  • Forge54 is non-stop, with very little sleep for volunteers. It takes a lot out of all of us. Consider taking Monday, October 17, off work, too.

  • Everyone helps make Forge54 a success. So we expect each person who’s accepted as a volunteer to raise at least $250 in donations to help pay for the weekend. All those friends and family members whose cause you donated to? Yeah, it’s payback time.

What to bring

  • Your well-rested self in comfortable clothes

  • Sweater or sweatshirt, maybe a blanket (if you tend to get cold)

  • Sleeping bag, pillows, extra clothing, toiletries, towel (if you won’t want to drive home to sleep)

  • Laptop, phone, headset and chargers

  • Any special food or drink you need (we’ll feed you meals and snacks, but it’s whatever gets donated)

  • Anything else you need for your work or to be comfortable (no, not narcotics)

Thanks again

We really appreciate that you want to help us give back to the community.

Find out how to Volunteer or Become a Sponsor

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Still have questions?
Just write us at info@forge54.com