Forge 54 brings a community of passionate marketing and creative individuals together to serve nonprofit organizations through skilled giving. Using individual expertise, members provide learning opportunities to one another by working collaboratively in support of nonprofits in need.

What is Skilled Giving?

Our Principles


Forge is about collaborating on all levels among individuals, teams and even agencies. Forge is not a competition, so every aspect of how we are structured is geared towards harnessing and encouraging teamwork. There is a lot of growth to be had in the advertising and marketing world when it comes to open collaboration and it can start at Forge.



Each member should walk away from a Forge event with newfound knowledge in the form of a new skill, technique, process or even just a new attitude towards the work they do. Our schedule, structure and attitude should always promote an educational experience and an opportunity to learn from your teammates and mentors. Forge members are very talented in a HUGE array of skills, so be sure to take full advantage.



We want to provide resources and opportunities for every member of Forge to connect with other team members, leaders, mentors and others. We are building a Forge family that grows at each event, with the goal of shaping a culture that facilitates the creation of both personal and professional connections.



We are not here to deliver the same standard stuff required for our regular clients, jobs or tasks. Forge is about innovating new ideas, concepts and approaches to marketing a non-profit. Forge is not a cookie-cutter process and will strive to be a dynamic, distinctive experience each and every time. Nothing is impossible at a Forge event.



Forge is a not-for-profit event and every participant is donating his or her time. This is not a weekend of work, but rather a joint effort of creation, creativity and inspiration intended to be as fun as it is productive.