Why I Forge

By Harvey Kaner, Creative/copywriter

Time is our most precious resource (okay, water’s up there too). So I consider where to spend my time very carefully. Of course, we all have obligations: work, home, family, friends. But the spaces in between those obligations? This is what defines me as a human being.

So what kind of person do I want to be? Like many, I selfishly want what I want. And therein lies the battle. Can I put someone else’s needs before my own? Especially in my limited free time? Sometimes.

I know fully well that I’ve been lucky in life. I’ve got a roof over my head, food on my table, clothes on my back and fresh, clean water coming out the tap. I also realize that this is not the case for many, many people in this world.

Forge54 gives me the chance to use my skills for deserving non-profit clients. It’s a huge opportunity to give back. Yes, it’s a whole weekend of my time, away from my kids. But the impact we have from these two and a half days is immeasurable. Because the clients we serve provide such important services, our work is that much sweeter. I’m willing to make this small sacrifice of my time (and some money) so the people our clients serve can benefit in a huge way.

Take Wells of Life, for example. They build water wells in Ugandan villages so the people there can have sustainable access to safe, clean drinking water. And this saves their lives from waterborne illness. It’s a huge deal and literally life-changing for them. Doing my small part to help them feels great. That’s the bottom line. I help others and that helps me.

I guess I am still selfish. But at least I get to feel better about it every time I volunteer, especially with Forge54. So I’ll keep forging on.

What’s your favorite way to give back?