One Team, One Dream, One Well

As Forge 54 volunteers, together we’ve always had one goal: to help revamp the marketing efforts of a different Southern California non-profit organization each year. Our mission is to build (or rebuild) company branding through website/mobile app development, media awareness, social campaigns, and more; tasks that would typically take a team approximately 6 months to a year to complete…we accomplish in 54 hours!

The past two years have been way more successful than anyone could have ever anticipated. With the selfless donations of the ever-growing Forge 54 volunteers’ time, energy, and skills, along with the help of our sponsors such as Monster Energy, Vita Coco, and KIND snacks, to name a few, we are able to “#ForgeOn” with our assignments through the demanding countdown.

Seriously. We have a clock that starts at 54:00:00 and stressfully counts down to the very last second.

With less than 30 hours left, the pressure is getting real! So real that Torrey Tayenaka, Founder of Forge 54, suggested we should one-up our deliverables goal and raise enough money to build a Forge 54 Water Well with this year’s chosen non-profit, Wells of Life.

My thoughts? “Torrey, you need a nap. Dream on.”

But then we all got to thinking how cool it would be to have our very own water well in Uganda!

So why am I telling you about my weekend? To make you feel bad about yourself because you’re probably out spending time with your friends and family, sipping delicious cocktails at the beach, and getting a nice tan on this fine October day while we’re pulling a work marathon?

No. Not at all. I admit, I’m jealous, but I want to let you know that you too can help us achieve our goal of helping bring clean water to rural Uganda and having our own Forge 54 Wells of Life water well in Uganda from exactly where you are at this exact moment.

No matter where you are, who you’re with, or what you’re doing today, you can support our goal of raising $6,000 to fund our very own well by contributing to our Indiegogo Campaign.

I mean, having a water well in Uganda dedicated in Forge 54’s name - that’s pretty rad if you ask me!