Forger Spotlight: Dalip Jaggi

If you know Dalip Jaggi, you know you can often find him grooving to the sweet sounds of the Backstreet Boys and other 90s pop sensations. But in addition to his sweet dance moves, Dalip is a digital mastermind and the Founder of Devise Interactive, a branding agency that engages audiences through effective brand experiences that perfectly balance creative design and innovative technology.

But wait! There’s more.

Dalip, a Cal State Fullerton graduate, is also the Co-Founder of Forge 54, working closely with Founder Torrey Tayenaka to see each year through to success. Watching Forgers come together to work towards a common goal has been a particular highlight for Dalip, who heads up the digital team along with fellow developer Michael Gilmore. “A lot of people donate money to feel good,” Dalip told us. “But here, I can donate my skills which I think is much more important and exciting.”

In addition to his work with Forge 54, Dalip is also Co-Founder of EvaDrop, the smart shower system that reduces water use by 50% - a particularly important initiative in drought-ridden southern California. Between all of his professional undertakings, it’s hard to believe he has time for much else. But Dalip still manages to support Innovative Housing Opportunities, Playworks, and OC Food Bank, truly exemplifying the giving spirit that surrounds the Forge community.  

To learn more about Dalip and follow his work, add him on LinkedIn!