Forger Spotlight: Mina Zivkovic

Meet Mina Zivkovic! Mina, a nonprofit specialist, is on the Forge 54 research and strategy team helping to deliver the branding and marketing resources Wells of Life needs to continue on their mission to provide clean water to rural Uganda. We caught up with Mina during hour 30 of the 54-hour marathon weekend to find out more about how she became a Forger and why she dedicates her time to helping others.

Since graduating from UCSB, Mina has used her creative and critical thinking skills to focus on bringing efficient and impactful change to her community, both in her personal and professional life. In her current position as Fund Development and Resident Services Coordinator at Innovative Housing Opportunities, Mina oversees resident services, fund development, and communications programs to help provide affordable housing to those in need.

Mina signed on as a Forge 54 volunteer in 2014 to donate her time and professional skills to serve Playworks, and now serves on the Playworks and Forge advisory boards to make an even bigger impact in 2015 and beyond.  She also works with the Newport Beach Women’s Democratic Club and she volunteers with Bixby Educational Events. Through her nonprofit work, Mina hopes to set an example for young people to get more involved in giving back to their communities.

To learn more about Mina and follow her work, add her on LinkedIn!